Continuous Rattan Basket Weave Textured Silicone Mould Design Mat

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Are you looking for the perfect mould to give your cake decorating and craft projects that weave effect? If so our new continuous rattan basket weave silicone mould is the perfect choice.

Take the difficulty out of manually creating a weave effect by using this design mat allowing you to get a detailed result in no time at all. Effortlessly create a continuous rattan basket weave effect by joining the sides of the texture design mat together. The continuous weave can be interlocked to fit any size cake or project. 

Continuous Rattan Basket Weave Cake Decorating Mould

This innovative cake decorating mould is perfect for cakes of any height or shape and cake drums of any size or shape, inserted panels and weave themed carved cakes. This mould has been designed for the cake decorator to create a seamless and continuous rattan basket weave effect with a deep texture.

The join between the weaves has been made to allow for the addition of any small embellishment, from sugar pearls to piped dots, from small blossoms to edible diamonds. Dust with a lustre dust or a shimmer spray and the detailing just shines.

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