Dipped Chocolate Bar - 3 piece Mold

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We are expecting our shipment to arrive hopefully late February.   This is approximate.  We have no way to control exactly when it arrives.   Product can move through customs in hours or can take days.   Shipping time can be very quick or experience long delays.   We have been very lucky in the past but have no way of controlling the exact date the molds will arrive to us.  

Once molds arrive to us we ship as quickly as possible in the order that preorders came into us.   Normally we are a team of 7 shipping but due to current lock down and stay at home orders we are a team of two who will be shipping.    Please remember we are only human and it does take time to inventory, package and ship.  We will get things out as quickly as possible.  But it will take us probably 4-5 business days to clear all orders once the shipment arrives.   
We appreciate every single customer.  And we love talking to you.  Once molds arrive though if we are flooded with emails of when your order will ship exactly that means we are replying to emails instead of shipping molds.  :)    We want to ship your molds ;) 


By placing this preorder you are committing to this product and cannot cancel.   All sales are final. 


Please note that free shipping goes the most inexpensive method.  If you are outside of Canada this method does not include tracking or insurance. 

All mold sales are final.

Length: 140mm  x Width: 70mm  x Depth: 17mm

All mold sales are final.