Elements Cake Sketching Templates v 2.0 (by Avalon Cakes!)

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COMPLETE SET also available - and with FREE SHIPPING! 


The much requested Cake Sketching Templates by Avalon Yarnes are now available for pre-order!  


Learn how to Sketch Cakes - Templates and Tutorial (ELEMENTS) from Avalon Cakes on Vimeo.



The Elements Templates are a new addition to the templates family! It assists in drawing those ever-so-popular elements like flowers, bows and patterns! It includes:

  • 3 Styles of Flowers in different sizes!
  • Leaves
  • 2 Bows
  • 2 Polka Dots Patterns
  • Lattice Maker (Square and Diamond options)
  • Cupcakes
  • 4 Different Cake Pedestal Bases, in 2 sizes
  • Multiple plaque shapes
  • Multiple geometric shapes in different sizes



Sheet Total | 10.5" x 8" | Fits in 3, 6 or 7 ring large binder