Karen Davies Medium Face / Head Mould

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Create perfect faces/heads every time using our range of head moulds!

Make perfect heads/faces everytime using our range of head moulds! Our three face moulds are all suitable for young, old, boys, girls, men or women. Allowing you to create 3D faces and heads for your characters quickly and easily! The face can be flat at the back or the whole head can be moulded. See also our Five Face mould and our Large Face/Head. View our ‘videos’ page to see the free tutorial! All of our original design moulds are made in our factory in the UK and independently tested in Germany to assure compliance to the highest food standards. Our moulds can be used with Sugarpaste, Flower paste, Marzipan, Modelling paste, Chocolate, Candy, Boiled Sugar, Saltdough, Air Drying Clays, Cold Porcelain and Embossing Powder.