PME Moroccan Lantern Geometric Multicutter Set

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Set of 3 contains 1 of each size cutter.


PME Geometric Multicutters Moroccan Lantern – Set of 3

Impressive icing in an instant! PME’s Moroccan Lantern Geometric Multicutters let you cut out up to ten identical shapes with a single press of a cutter, so even total baking beginners can finish off their bakes with professional-looking, perfectly tessellated designs.

Quick, easy, impressive icing effects

Helping you create striking results with no fuss and fiddle, each of the three cutters makes up to ten Moroccan lantern-shaped icing ‘tiles’ with just one press, so it’s really easy to cut out large numbers of matching shapes – and be sure they’ll fit together when you apply them to your bakes. Just colour your icing to suit your design, roll it out thinly and firmly press your chosen cutter into the surface to create a pile of tiles ready to tessellate.

Striking Moroccan lantern design

The Moroccan lantern design lends itself to all kinds of moreish themed cakes with a Moorish twist: think jewel-bright birthday cupcakes, stunning stylised wedding cakes and cookies with lattice-look toppings. You can use a single colour for an understated look, mix and match different shades for a multicolour marvel, or layer your tiles over a base covering of gold, silver or bronze icing to get a fantastic fretwork effect.

Three different sizes

With the three sizes of cutter making lanterns from 19mm up to 32mm across, you’re sure to find one in the size you want to suit your design or size of bake.

About the Geometric Multicutters range

Strongly made, with sharp edges for a clean cut, each trio allows you to create perfectly matched geometric shapes out of fondant icing, sugarpaste, modelling paste, marzipan, pastry and more, so you can decorate cakes and bakes with a precision-cut layer of edible mosaic tiles that fit together without any gaps.


Small cutter makes 10 lanterns 19 x 22mm H.; medium cutter 8 lanterns 25 x 27mm H. and large cutter 8 lanterns 32 x 35mm H.