PME Supatubes - Right Handed Medium Petal


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  • Uniquely engineering for unparalleled precision, professional and flawless results
  • All nozzles work with parchment piping bags, standard bags and couplers and are made from high quality seamless stainless steel.
  • Ideal for piping roses, blossoms, spring flowers and a variety of useful designs.
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water is recommended.


 These incredible nozzles have been engineered used the finest technology to ensure a precise and narrow tip. The tubes are perfectly pointed ensuring beautiful results every time.

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All of our nozzles work with parchment, disposable and fabric piping bags. Why not use them with an adaptor to allow easy and mess free changing between nozzles. 

Made from high quality seamless stainless steel. Wash these with warm soapy water, or why not use one of our cleaners to keep them fresh.