Unicorn Hoop Mirror Silver Cake Topper

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Made from premium mirror silver acrylic, this cake topper is perfect for your own magical unicorn cakes.

This cake topper has been created with an extra-long, single pick to give stability when placed on top of a cake and also to allow the topper to stand above other cake decorations so it can be clearly seen. Can be reused when washed in warm soapy water.


We have designed our range of cake toppers at the request of our professional cake design team members who wanted a product that could stand above show stopping cake embellishments and flowers on the top tier of cakes. Our range includes sentiments and shapes for special occasions, all created to our exceptionally high quality with a beautiful finish. 

How to use

Use a straw to create a barrier between the topper and the cake.

  • Take a skewer to pierce the cake as deeply as required where you want to position the topper.
  • Make sure your straw is wide enough to fit the pick then cut the straw to the desired depth. Block one end with a ball of fondant or sugar paste.
  • Insert the straw with the blocked end at the bottom into the pre-pierced hole.
  • The top of the straw should be flush with the top of the cake and not showing above.
  • Insert the cake topper into the straw for display. Do not insert this cake topper into your cake without this barrier.



  • Unicorn Hoop Size - 220mm x 140mm
  • Cake Pick Size - 150mm

Made in the UK.